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The Baron of Bufflehead
06-05-2007, 04:50 AM
Anyone out there ever try one of these? Price is $100 plus $20 for cards of 4 digital sounds. Way cheaper than a FoxPro, and I have some HS videos where they use it on coyotes and it seems to do the trick. There are 3 different crow sound chips (12 sounds total) and 5 coyote sound chips. I am thinking of trying one. Opinions? :CF:


06-05-2007, 06:10 AM
What, no possum or armadillo sound chips??

Definitely look further, IMO :rof: :rof: :nn:

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06-05-2007, 06:16 AM
I have one and I think I bought all of the different predator cards for it. The caller is capable of putting out an incredible amount of sound from those little AA batteries and the sound quality is pretty good, but I am not thrilled with it for a couple of reasons. My first problem with it is that I am not really excited about most of the predator sounds. I may be wrong on this, but I think each of the sounds on a card runs for about 1 minute and most of the sounds seem pretty repetitious during their run time. (You can shut them off at any time of course, but when you turn the sound back on it automatically restarts from the beginning again.) Since I don't like many of the sounds and I don't want to keep playing the same sound over and over again from the beginning, I find that I have to try to change cards while on stand. I also wish that it offered separate tracks of coyote barks and howls instead of combining them on all of their tracks. The crow cards do sound like they have promise to me. It is also very light which is a benefit for a walking set-up.

Overall, I would say it is probably a good deal for the money for someone who doesn't predator hunt on a regular basis. Otherwise, I would step up to something with more programability and a remote control.

One tip if you do buy it...
I had two problems with it right away. First was that the speaker would never stay positioned where I wanted it to because of its small base, and secondly, I always use the extension cord attached to the speaker to get it away from me and I got sick of dealing with a huge knot of wire. I wound up taking a black plastic lid off of a 5 gallon pail and I cut two opposite sides off of it to form an oblong rectangle. I bolted the speaker to the middle of the lid and cut notches in the ends of the lid to hold the wire which I then wrap up around the lid. The extra base of the lid holds the speaker in position in any weather and the cord quickly and neatly wraps around the lid. I transport it all in a small backpack. Hope this helps.

06-05-2007, 04:53 PM
i have one and it worked once for me. dead coyote in ten minutes.

06-05-2007, 07:38 PM
Rob, had friend that used a similiar model, if not the same one. In our opinoin it's a o.k. for limited or beginner use.If you continue to use an E. caller you'll probably want to up-grade soon to something with the other features,1-200 sounds,remote,ect.
Think back, how often did you try to save and then saw the pricer units, and their capabilities, of whatever, then said,I gotta have the good one.
JMO, I know you're gonna want a better 1 in the future. Look at some of the others.

08-20-2007, 12:40 PM
It simply depends on how much you hunt coyotes. If you are an avid coyote hunter, this unit will not be your long term calling option. I use electronics probably 25% of the time, hand call about 25% of the time and 50% use a combination of both. Still something extra gratifying calling one in with a hand call.

You do get what you pay for with a lot of these electronics but again maybe not worth 5x or 10x unless you do it a lot. The cheapest I would go is #1 below:

1) Western Rivers predation about $150 without remote and $250 with remote. Good entry system. Remote has very small buttons.
2) FoxPro which can range anywhere from $250- $600 depending on options
3) Wildlife Techhologies. $1,000+. They are expenseive but their sounds are great and their remote is very good.

Personally, I use #1 for the simple fact that I like to mix sounds via the computer and load them to the unit as mp3 files which is easy to do with this system. I also use it in boat in the summer time to play mp3's but there are much more expensive options.

My .02.

The Baron of Bufflehead
08-21-2007, 02:30 AM
Actually, I ended up with a FoxPro FX3. Everything I read on them was positive, so I pulled the trigger on one in July. The unit sounds great in the house. Now that the heat is beginning to break, it's almost time to go see if the young 'yotes like it.:hest:

Call'em N
08-22-2007, 08:00 AM
Actually, I ended up with a FoxPro FX3. Everything I read on them was positive, so I pulled the trigger on one in July. The unit sounds great in the house. Now that the heat is beginning to break, it's almost time to go see if the young 'yotes like it.:hest:

You should have held out for the FX5!!!!!:nn: :nn:

I would tell you all about it, but I am still healing from your "Hurting Words" on the other forum........

Not really. I use an FX 3 and love it.

08-31-2007, 07:00 AM
I bought the unit you were refering to,used it a couple of times and decided
it wasnt going to hold up.In extreme cold I had trouble getting it to start and stop,also it didnt produce the volume needed on windy days.So after a little
grumbling ,i called Fox Pro and purchased th FX5.I should have done that from the start.It is true "You get what you pay for".