View Full Version : Goose steak or Sweet & Sour Goose

11-19-2007, 06:10 PM
My best recipe for geese is to butterfly the breasts in half, then apply a good beating using a tenderizer mallet until they resemble a cube steak. Next I marinade them for 4 hours in Lite Italian dressing (Lite is important because it has less oil). Next crack eggs into a bowl and mix them, then place the breasts into the egg. Get as much of the Italian dressing off as you can with out rubbing the breasts before placing into the egg. You only need enough eggs to submerse all the breasts. Use your hands to mix the breasts and eggs together. Next take saltine crackers and place them into a ziploc bag and crush them as fine as you can. I remove all the air that I can and take a roller to them. Next you roll the egged breasts in the rolled crackers and fry in olive oil. You now have a very tasty goose steak.

The other option is to follow the same steps, but cut the breasts into strips, and serve with sweet and sour sauce. I've tried, but my sweet and sour sauce is not as good as the local Chinese restaurant's so I go and buy some from them.