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01-06-2008, 09:42 AM
Went out for the first time with the new FoxPro Scorpion, Jack in the box decoy, and figured it was a good time to get the new .204 bloody also.
First stand I got too 30 minutes before daylight. I set up in the hayfield about 60 yards out from where I wanted to sit. When daylight broke I hit the remote to turn the caller on and got nothing. So I hurried out there and got it to where it would turn on and went back to my position. As I tried to change sounds again I had nothing! By this time I am starting to loose what little patience I have. So I thought maybe I need to get it higher. I found a wooden fence post that I placed it on top of. Now it worked O. K. After I sat down I realized from where the caller is I can't see anything if something approachs. Plus I don't have real good control of the caller. It won't turn down or mute. By this time, I am ticked. (Can't really say what I was saying here) I thought I just paid 525 bucks for this piece of crap?
So I grabbed it and walked back to the truck. I drove down the ditch road and past where I was sitting. I stopped the truck to take a leak and walked around the passanger side. So, I would be out of sight of the highway. As I round the bed I see a coyote 150 yards out trotting down the ditch. So I tried to get the passanger door open and it is LOCKED. (damn new trucks) So I walked around the drivers side and got my .204. I rested on the bedrail and let him have it. So technically he was not called in but was coming to where the call was. So I didn't count him as first blood.
I went to another spot and went in stealth as I could. I set the caller out about 60 yards. But this time I put the decoy and caller on top of my bag. It seemed to work better but I had to move the remote around to get it to pick it up. (insert choice words) I am playing lucky bird on 40 (the highest). About that time I see a dawg coming hot to the decoy but I can't turn it down or mute it. He got 40 yards from the decoy/caller and you could tell by his actions that his ears were burning. He turned and went back the way he came in.Trying to get on him, I was unable too get a clear shot.(Insert more choice words) I was cussing the caller AGAIN! As a smaller dog walked out infront of me at 40 yards. He just happened to be right infront of the gun barrel and I stoned him. The other dog ran off when I shot. During that time all this was going on, the caller fell off the bag. I thought well atleast can go figure out what is wrong this (insert ALOT of choice words here) caller.
Then I realized there is an antenna on the unit that needs to be up for it to work correctly. I did that and climbed back on the stand. It worked flawlessly after that. I waited about 15 minutes and lit it up again with a baby pig distress. I had run thru about 3 sequences and had the same dog come back again for a look. He locked up at about 200 yards and was trying to figure it out when a 32 gr bullets pierced his "wittle frickin head".

This is the number two dog of the morning. I forgot my digital camera and remembered I had a camera phone now. So I could snap a pic of the rig's first blood.


The jury is still out on the 204. I don't feel it has the whopola at 200 yards to anchor a dog like my 22-250 does. For a calling under 150 (or so) yard gun it would probably be alright. But, I just don't think that little bullet has the poop to put a big "okay hit" coyote down DRT. I think from now on, I will stay with the old trusty 22-250.

I will say everything that went wrong this morning was my fault. The caller and decoy did its job. They never knew, I was in the country.Two stands and 3 dead coyotes in the first morning I used it. If it keeps producing like that it will be worth ever cent.

The Baron of Bufflehead
01-06-2008, 01:52 PM
SWEET!! :cool: 2 stands and 3 dead dogs on the first morning?... man, you fellas in the west sure have the coyote density! Great job Chris!!:pl:

Not sure if the Scorpion is the same, but the FX3 pretty much has to be elevated for the remote to work well. Setting it on the ground, I've had a hard time past 30 yards. Hung in a low branch I've had no problems to about 100 yards, with line of sight. Line of sight is a very important detail in reliable remote function!

I wouldn't think the .204 would put a dog down like a .22-250 past 200, but inside that I'd speculate they are certainly in the same class. I bought my .204 in the hopes it would be easy on hides, but recently I am using a heavier bullets to try and get reliable exits... go figure. :rf: The .204 is a great gun, but I wouldn't argue around the campfire about the .22-250 being the king of predator hunting rounds.

Now that you've shot both, how would you compare the muzzle blasts/noise of .204 vs .22-250? My .204 doesn't seem too loud (which is important for me in most of my areas) but my .220 Swift definitely has a bigger bang. I haven't heard a 250 in years, so I can't recall.

01-06-2008, 02:22 PM
Outstanding job GDB!!! 3 dogs in 2 stands. I think your hooked now. You keep that up and there will be no coyotes left for next year.

01-06-2008, 04:49 PM
The report on the 250 is quite a bit louder and a bit more recoil then the 204. The 204 you can pretty much spot your own hits on a target. The 250 on the other hand is just enough you loose sight in the scope window. I would say I perfer the 250 because the the vast 22 caliber bullet selection. We are in the same psoistion with the price of furs so most of the time they stay where they fall. My favorite coyote calling rifle is my HOWA 308 with 125 GR TNT HP's. There isn't usually much tracking after the gun goes off. I have been trying like hell to shoot a nice red fox for a mount so thats why I bought the 204 plus we shoot alot of praire dogs each year and that will be IDEAL for them.