View Full Version : Gas Smoke for Cheap!

02-29-2008, 08:48 PM
Not sure what most of you guys are using for smokers. My wife got me a round vertical smoker for fathers day a couple of years ago. Only thing was, it was a charcoal smoker. But she got it for 30 dollars at Menards, so I couldn't complain. I smoked many things that year, and they always turned out great, but it was very hard to regulate heat. Things were getting down faster than I wanted.

I was cleaning out the garage last spring and I put the smoker on the floor right next to my turkey frying cooker. My mind started turning. I grabbed a pair of tin snips and but a huge hole in the bottom pan of my charcoal smoker. Set it on top of the turkey fryer, and wa la, propane smoker. Made smoking things like jerky and ribs soooooooooooooooo much easier. And since I already had a turkey cooker, it only cost me $30 to have a decent smoker. I've paid attention while out shopping this last year, and the charcoal smokers are almost always on sale, and the gas ones never seam to be. Anyways, check it out. Later, Paul