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The Baron of Bufflehead
03-15-2008, 09:58 AM
I had quite an afternoon yesterday. Talked to the farmers before I went out and they told me they saw 6 coyotes in one of their fields earlier that day. So, I went over there. I setup one field away, downwind, to call out a block of bush before I walked upwind of it and headed for the honey hole. Sure enough, a few minutes after the first sequence I see a 'yote coming out of the far bush, into the next field where the farmers saw the six. Then there were two... then three... and eventually there were 6 in the field.:MS: One started to come and disappeared below a hill but I guess 1/2 mile was just too far and there is also two fences and a creek to cross between their field and mine. I saw him heading back the way he came a minute or so later. Ended up with 2 laying in the field, one sitting and the other 3 all playing. Range was in excess of 400 yards to the closest dog, so no point in trying a shot. I tried some challenge howls, but all I got were interested stares and they eventually moved back into the far bush. I could see them playing/mousing along a bank in the the bush, so I made a long sneak down the field edge, over the creek, and up the next field edge. I got on the downwind side of the treed/brushy fence line. I got near the corner and set my FoxPro in a tree, then moved further forward and set up, hoping to call one or more back out to the field. I tried to start the FoxPro but I had hung it about 50 yards back and there were too many trees along the field edge and it wouldn't go.:PO: I figured moving back to get it was too risky. So, I pulled out by howler mouthpiece and did some pup distress. I'm facing upwind along the edge of the field/into the bush wehere I last saw the coyotes. Sure enough, I catch movement behind me, and a dog is circling to my downwind through a field of scrub bushes. I got turned around and went prone (the snow way too deep to use shooting sticks anyway). I yipped again and the dog stopped with his head low, peering at me from under a juniper about 120 yards away. I was still winded form the 1/2 mile tromp in deep wet snow, and just plain blew the shot. I got a bunch of short hairs and a sparse blood trail. I tracked that dog about 1/2-3/4 mile in the deep wet snow, which nearly killed this fat guy. He took me into the thickest, nastiest stuff on that property, which is obviously where the coyotes live. After about 3/4 mile the blood trail pretty much stopped and the trail got so intermixed with other fresh coyote tracks that I lost it.:CL: I guess if there is an upside to the story, I definitely figured out where the coyotes live on that property!

Weird thing is I heard coyotes howling about 1/2 hour later, in the general direction my wounded dog went. Then I heard two loud gunshots, a bunch of rabbit calling, then a bunch of man-made howls and more rabbit squalling. Then more real coyote yipping/howling another 1/2 hour later (I think it was real). Quite a crazy amount of action considering there is only supposed to be one other guy hunting that farm. He hadn't told the farmers he'd be there that afternoon (or else I wouldn't have gone in) and so I'm not even sure yet if it was him.:CF: :hs:

Went out this morning to some different spots to try and shake off that goof up, but didn't see anything. I sure hope that's not the bad note my season will end on. Gotta keep trying.

03-15-2008, 11:46 AM
Baron better luck next time! :TT:

03-15-2008, 12:21 PM
What did you punch him with? the 222 mag?

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-15-2008, 12:52 PM
Yeah - .222 mag with 45gr. hollow point. I know if I hit him square, he'd be in the truck right now. I never really waited for the cross hairs to settle down properly. I was still really pooped from trudging through the snow, plus I knew he was getting pretty close to winding me and I rushed it. He was facing me head on with his head down, and I am starting to think I just gave him a racing stripe. There was a lot of fine hair blown off his left side. It is also possible I caught a branch, because he was standing about 5 yards behind a sraggly juniper with some dead branches on it.

Excuses, excuses. Bottom line is I made a bad shot.

Does it mean anything to anyone here, that he ran about 75 yards to the bush edge, then stopped inside it and took a big crap?

03-15-2008, 02:05 PM
Robert after eating a few mice and running 75yards or more i find myself 99% of the time Running toward the rest room. So just maybe he had a few to many mice inside of him

03-15-2008, 02:05 PM
Wouldn't you crap if someone just gave you a new part for your hair?:nn:

Baron, I saw where you said that you liked the more obscure 22CFs, any thoughts on a fireball? I got a hornet and now I think I have to have a fireball. Brass and ammo are a bitch to find right now, but I hear that they ( Remington ) are working on that.

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-15-2008, 04:08 PM
Love the Fireball. Near .223 performance with less powder. Out of the mainstream, interesting, sexy little cartridge. And, brass and dies are a bitch to find... so that just makes it all the more irresistable.:hest: The FB is a great choice for a reduced noise gun, with still enough pop for coyotes out to 200+. Makes a real nice groundhog gun.

A buddy had a Remington Classic in .221 and it was a real sweetheart to shoot. Tackdriver, too. I've had my eyes open for a Classic in .221 for sometime now, but no luck yet in Canada.

03-15-2008, 06:10 PM
I was reading a while back that Remington had a short run of a few new FB.
I think they where around $650 US funds. That would be much less for you Robert.

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-16-2008, 05:37 AM
Art... the gun in that pic is a Sako.:hs: Stop teasing me.:rf:

03-16-2008, 06:15 AM
:rf: :rf: :rf: Just Kidding

03-16-2008, 06:34 AM
you are hardcore for sure Rob. The snow here is waist deep on the flat, unpassable in the bush, snowshoes are a must. Now that it has warmed up the problems of getting around are compounded. I am going to have to wait and start knocking the dogs off while turkey hunting.

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-16-2008, 06:45 AM
you are hardcore for sure Rob. The snow here is waist deep on the flat, unpassable in the bush, snowshoes are a must.

Yeah... hardcore, soft middle. That's why I figure a few ass-drags in the snow won't hurt me.:rf:

Art... you're gonna have to do better than that to fool this rifle crank.:nn:

03-16-2008, 07:58 AM
Well......... I saw my buddy last night that works for CZ. He said that they did not have any rifles in 221 at their warehouse right now, but they are supposed to be making more. I told him to let me know when he heard something so I could start working on the wife.

In the mean time, I guess it wouldn't hurt to start looking for ammo huh?

03-16-2008, 07:30 PM
Robert :up: :nn: :nn:

Wood Duck Wizard
03-18-2008, 12:43 PM
Scared the crap out of him Bud !!!!!!!!