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03-22-2008, 06:36 PM
Welp I think I've been bit by the varmint hunting bug. The more I read your posts the more I want to start chasing Yotes and Bobcats. So I figured who better to ask than you guys concerning which e-caller and decoy to start with. I'd like to get something decent so as I'm not upgrading down the line when I could have picked it up in the beginning. Feel free to post the pro's and con's of your choices so I can make a good decision. Many thanks in advance for your help...:TT:

03-22-2008, 10:29 PM
First of all, all these guys are lying. Coyote hunting isn't fun, and there aren;t very many of them around. I highly suggest everyone STOPS hunting them, or don't start. Simply staring at a coyte through a scope will almost certainly cause blindness and it's a proven fact it can cause nasty STD's in cajuns. No joke! If you don't want to spend the rest of your life itching, don't hunt the yotes! Stick to fishing for redfish and blackening them and other not varmint related activities. I'll continue to pusure the yotes for humanity's sake, but will do sao alone, a burden I'm willing to carry...

Just kidding.

Personally, I like mouth calls and don't use a decoy so there is more than one way to start out. I think you have more versatility with the mouth calls and it connects you more to the hunt (same as goose hunting). FOXPRO makes a really good (albeit pricey) E-caller. Never used a deek so can't help out with that...

03-23-2008, 04:14 AM
I have a Foxpro scorpion and a Jack in the box decoy. I probably wouldn't buy the JIB decoy again. For I have had some problems with it. Foxpro is great they backed it 100% but I believe there are better, more compact and cheaper ones out there like the mojo critter. Mouth calls and the old stick and a turkey feather has worked for me for years. Before I got all this high tech new fangled ISH.
The only other advice is to head over to predatormasters.com and start reading!! It is the flocknockers of coyote shooting! :TT:

03-23-2008, 08:50 PM
Rich go to Foxpro and look at there web site. They have a few good deals from time to time

03-23-2008, 08:57 PM
Justin, I feel your pain.:hest: As a cop of twenty some odd years I've been hunting two legged vermin without much satifaction lately so I figured I'd turn a page and do something for nature and mankind while being able to pull the trigger without cutting paper.:TT: I've heard the risks you mention but I'm willing to take my chances for the good of all. Maybe one day we'll meet up and save the world together while sparing others the burden we take upon ourselves. Oh and maybe catch some crappie too..:rf: :rof: :rf:

GDB, thanks for the link. I see I have some home work to do there.:hest:

Art, you're too late, already been there...:nn:

wa beak breaker
03-24-2008, 05:13 AM

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-24-2008, 05:16 AM
After spending about 16 hours in the field, including 200 miles in my truck and about 10 miles on my boots this past weekend... without seeing a single dog (except when driving)... I will add that coyote hunting is the biggest, most frustrating waste of time there is in the hunting world!:CL: :rof:

Yeah, that predator masters site is a good one - almost too big though.

I have been quite satisfied with my FoxPro FX3. RoadRunner got a FoxPro Scorpion and I am very impressed with how compact it is, plus it has the upgraded remote. I don't think it is quite as loud as the FX3, but plenty loud enough for all the prey/distress sounds. For howling, I actually prefer an open reed mouth call, which sounds more realistic to my ears. They take a little practice, but not nearly as much as a SR goose call.

I don't think you can really go wrong with either an FX3, FX5 or Scorpion. You can go cheaper with some of the other units on the market, but that was my dilema when I was deciding and I'm glad I didn't scrimp.

03-24-2008, 07:53 AM
Welp I think I've been bit by the varmint hunting bug. The more I read your posts the more I want to start chasing Yotes and Bobcats....:TT:

"dang it" for sure. There goes the Recipe forum - coyote gumbo here we come!!! :OUCH:

03-24-2008, 08:35 AM
I could go on for hours if you like, just ask poor Baron who called me one night and he couldn't get me to shut up.

If you just want to try it and see what it is like, grabbing your most accurate gun that you can shoot confidently to at least 200 yards and spending about $15 for a mouth call, and you can be coyote hunting. I really like the Sceery AP -6 mouth call as it can do anything from a mouse to a jack to a fawn. As you progress, you would typically want to buy a howler. There are tons and I can make most of the sound good.

Either this or find someone who knows what they are doing and has lots of success and go with them to learn the ropes.

Then when you decide if you like it or not, then spend the money on a good piece of equipment. I have used virtually every electronic caller on market incuding Western Rivers, Fox Pro, Johnny Stewart, and Wildlife Technologies. I have used tapes, DVD, mp3's and more and even built my own unit at one time. For me in ND, there are 4 keys to the system. Realistic sounds, volume of the unit, range of the remote, and easy to push buttons. It is always windy in ND and our terrain is very open so you need your call to get out a long ways.

It is very, very expensive but the best call I have used is Wildlife Technologies. They have in my opinion the best sounds by far of any other caller, it is the loudest call I have ever heard, the remote range is fair and it has great big buttons you can push even with gloves on when it is -20 outside. Get ready for this thing to break the bank as the base unit runs around $850 plus if you get it really loaded with sounds it can run you $1,000 or more. Is it worth it, not if you hunt 2 times a year, but if you hunt 30-50 times a year like I do, then yes it is worth every penny and more.

The beauty of a good electronic caller is being able to get the sound away from you, position it so the coyote cannot wind you, and have the ability to use some sounds that you can't make on a hand call.

Don't get me wrong, I have killed tons of coyotes with hand calls and there are days, I will actually use my hand call over an eletronic but 95% of the time, I use an electronic. I use to say the same comment "I get more satisfacation hand calling", but I also video tape all hunts and you need to take every advantage possible in that situation.

Another factor to consider is how much is the area you are going to hunt pressured. The more people the tougher the hunting. Also, the more people using hand calling the better the electronics will work and the more people using the standard ecallers such as FoxPro, the more the expensive electronics or hand calling will work.

Decoys, I really don't use. They can be really effective. In the wide open country that I hunt, by the time a coyote would see the decoy, he should be dead. In heavier cover where you want to pull a coyote out in the open to get a shot, yes, it probably is a great option. Send me a PM if you want to chat sometime as I would be happy to get into, camo, guns, scope, set up, call sound selection, howling, etc.

Also, I used to be big on using hand calls for howling and now I just use the electronic. A good e-caller has so many options for male versus female, young versus old, territorial versus greeting, etc that you can really pick what you want to say versus most people who howl and can basically make one or two howling sounds.

The last piece of advice is what I call "triggers". Think about the time of the year and what will interest a coyote the most. Will a coyote be most intersted in food, territory, mating, or social aspects. This will dictate the sound or sounds you should be making. Journal what worked and when to try and find patterns depending on year and conditions. Good hunting and welcome to the sport. It is addicting. Unfortunately, it has taken away from my goose hunting time substantially.

03-24-2008, 04:09 PM
Unfortunately, it has taken away from my goose hunting time substantially.
I can attest to that. Did I add I sold $18,000 dollars of goose hunting gear to pursue them full time. My wife thought I was crazy but when it's all said and done. I am home at 10 am she was cool with it. :TT:

03-25-2008, 06:03 PM
Go after them all you guys want, just don't shoot them in my area! I enjoy chasing them with my hounds and I think there is too many shooters here now. Need more coyotes to train pup I have.

03-25-2008, 08:31 PM
"dang it" for sure. There goes the Recipe forum - coyote gumbo here we come!!! :OUCH:

Now there you go Joe, hate it before you try it...:rf: :nn: :rf:

Kirch, I'd love to pick your brain sometime.:TT: Shoot me a PM with your number and a good time to call and I'll do so...:hest:

T-BOB, Sometimes your the windshield and somtimes you're the bug...:nn:

Thanks again for the input guys, keep it coming...:TT: