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03-24-2008, 06:49 PM
We got another batch of snow in ND. I was about to hang it up until Fall and thought well with some new snow, I am going to try some night hunting. Every night, cloudy, snow, and wind over the Easter weekend so no night hunting. Saturday morning it stopped snowing long enough to put in 5 stands. First two stands nothing and it was blowing 20 mph +. Then on the third stand even with caller in the right place, a coyote worked around us at 600 yards and you just knew it was going to bust us which it did. The next stand for some reason 1 must have heard our approach because it busted out as we started calling and one we noticed was exiting as we left the stand. I was pretty disgusted seeing 3 and not getting a shot. Well, I told my buddy, it was 11:30 AM and it was time for lunch, but we should set up on one last stand. We had a nice set up and sure enough the coyote worked the e-caller as he should and we put the coyote down at about 150 yards. Directly downwind of the caller but not the shooter. Image attached coyote3

Had a a family meal for Dinner and talked a relative to go out with me for a quick stand before dark. Sure enough, played the wind right again and the coyote worked downwind of the caller with the hunter positioned perfectly for the shot. We had to yell at it to stop it as it was coming fast and hard. Clean shot at 75 yards. Picture of coyote just before trigger pulled Coyote1and picture with me with the coyote Coyote2.

What you are seeing for pictures are blurry as they were pulled off a HD video not taken with a camera. They are clear on the video but when converted to .jpg got pretty blurry. Enjoy.

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-25-2008, 04:45 AM
Good job Korey! :cool: Very educational to read a coyote busted you from so far downwind (600 yards)!

I'm curious - do you think the coyotes move well after some new snow?

03-25-2008, 05:43 AM
Nice work, way to get one more hunt in.:TT:

Wood Duck Wizard
03-25-2008, 09:05 AM
Sweet hunting!!!
Great looking pics I bet the video is great..

03-25-2008, 10:12 AM

Let me clarify, the coyote circled us at about 600 yards as apparently it had been educated prior. If he would have stayed that distance and then came straight in downwind of the call, we would probably have been OK as I was not set up downwind of the call. However he started to cut across our scent stream at about 400 before he was directly downwind of the call. Also, the further away in my opinion, on breezy days, the broader the scent stream can become as it disperses and it may not be as much scent but can still bust the coyote. On most days, I would say a coyote will start to wind you between 350-400 yards depending on the intensity of the wind. I have had days when I have no idea how a coyote didn't wind me and should have and other days where it seems like a coyote shouldn't have yet and does.

On to your question on getting around in the new snow. Fortunately, where I was hunting the new snow was only about 3". It snowed a lot more than this but most melted when it hit the ground. Something of this nature doesn't affect the coyotes at all in my opinion except help the hunter as food is slightly harder for them to come by. If I can get around, they sure can easily. I do believe that if you get a lot of snow that it changes coyote behavior and hunting. Not only amount of snow but type of snow. If the snow is deep but top is very firm, I have seen coyotes change to pack hunting and run deer into deep snow. The coyotes stay on top and the deer break through and they get an easy meal.

In general when there is deep snow, I notice a lot more coyotes around livestock yards and deer herds during those conditions. In my opinion this is because it is too hard to hunt the heavy snow so they go to areas that make meals easier. Deer and cattle trample down the snow plus in cattle yards, they can eat manure, after-birth, and a lot of other things such as other farm animals or even dog or cat food. Also, if there are any dead animals around such as cattle, heavy snow will bunch up lots of coyotes on them.

As an example, a buddy of mine had a pile of dead cows. The coyotes really didn't use it much earlier in the winter and he didn't think he had many coyotes around. Then I get a call one day after they got 18" of snow and he said they are everywhere. This pile was out in the open and I snuck into about 600 yards. There were 12 coyotes fighting each other on and off to eat as they all gourged on these dead cows. I tried my best to use distress, challenging, communication, and territorial howls and I could not get those coyotes to come in. Why would the coyotes run through 18" of snow to eat a rabbit or fight a coyote when they were eating steak and already fighting between 12 coyotes. I should have left them alone and tried to watch for a time when they all left and got on the pile and waited for their return but I had to get back home before I could do this.

So, calling can be a very tough proposition in heavy snow as many coyotes will not travel great distances to get to the call as it would expend too much energy to get there. I will not say never, but your odds are much better if you can get real close or find an area where their travel will be much easier. Also, if you have to hunt heavy snow, I increase the volume if I can because coyotes use the loudness of the sound to help determine distance in my opinion. So, the louder the call, the closer it thinks the meal is and maybe it is enough to get the coyote to trudge through that heavy snow to get the meal. Of course all of these statements are theories and not fact as no one knows for sure.

Woodduck, not trying to promote but Cliff said it was OK. I am sure these hunts will be on Drury Outdoors Predator Madness 4 next year as I hunt and video for their Predator series if you are interested. Predator Madness 3 is starting to show up and has 8 of my ND hunts on it as well. I am happy to share some pictures and info but of course cannot share the video of any commercial product. :st:

03-25-2008, 01:48 PM
Thanks for sharing! More dead coyotes the better!!!

03-25-2008, 05:54 PM
Congrats on a good hunt. I'm glad we have this Varmint hunting forum as coyote hunting is right up there on my list.