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03-27-2008, 08:46 AM
Well, I learned a lesson this last weekend. I went out to pick off some ground squirrels at a place that is pretty heavily hunted, so after the weather changes, you tend to see alot of squirrel carcasses. Anyways, I am out walking around, looking for whistle pigs, and I am carrying my trusty Ruger M77 in .223 rem. (Yes I shoot squirrels with it :-) ) It may seem like overkill, but I am deadly with that rifle, and I have consistantly killed squirrels with it out to 150 yards. So even when the pigs get smart, I can still reach out and touch them before they see/smell me. Anyways, here I am looking for squirrels, and what do I see? Two coyotes out at about 300 yards. Looked like they were feeding on squirrel carcasses, at least I think thats why they were there, have never seen them there before, either... Anyways, I plop my butt down and hide, since they are kinda coming towards me, and the wind is in my face. After waiting about 15 minutes, they are within about 75 yards. They are farting around, not really paying attention to anything but looking for food. This is the point where I got greedy and think, "Heh, I'm gonna get a double, this is too easy!". I level off on the closest dog and touch it off. *poof* dust kicked up just behind it. "NO WAY!" Crank another round in, and *poof*, now I am too low, and both dogs are making good time with that ground eating gait they have heading straight away from me. *Bang* No clue where that one went... dogs still getting the he** out of Dodge City. 4th *bang*, and this one is high and way off to the right. "Well crap" *bang* off to the right again, but not too high or low.

Ruger M77 with Bushnell Elite3500 scope = $700ish
5 rounds of .223 50gr NBT = $2.00
2 coyotes that should have been dead on the spot and got away due to greed = Priceless

03-27-2008, 10:17 AM
Thanks for the reminder because it always good to hear about lessons learned.

Whenever you have a chance to harvest multiple coyotes, the rule is always make sure you get one. I will admit many times, I will take the further coyote to make sure I get a 2nd shot. However, the rule still applies.

I will not give up a coyote right in front of me that is close if I believe it will not wait long enough for the 2nd to get into good rifle range.

I will not take a risky shot on the first just to give me an opportunity to take two.

Best example is two coyotes coming in and they stop at 100 yards and 175 yards. I am more than confident to make the 175 yard shot so I would do that and that will give me more time to shoot the 2nd. If I get one at 100 and one at 350 and the 100 yard coyote is about to bust me, it dies.

On the greedy comment, I am not quite sure why you were greedy, we all want two. If you rushed the shot, yes lesson learned and it happens. Live by the rule. If you meant that you waited too long and couldn't get them to stop, yes, I have made that mistake many times. If that happens, simply yell or whistle and they will usually stop. Keep after them and that double will eventually happen.

The Baron of Bufflehead
03-27-2008, 03:25 PM
Not greedy... just unlucky. We all miss. Doesn't make it easier though, does it?:rf: Oh well. I am still very new to the game of coyote calling, and thus far I still feel my best strategy is take the easy one and then go from there. I've never shot a double, but missed 2 chances to do so. One busted me before I could get started, and the other was a flat out miss on my chance at #2! One coyote is a good day hereabouts, so I never feel bad about missing a double if I leave with my one.:Rich: Sounds like you have a good spot to stakeout and get another chance.:hest: