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11-12-2008, 08:06 AM
Hey guys....really new to the sport and just getting started...I have a query and a concern....

Firstly, would you consider the coyote a "top tier" predator...in saying that I mean is it likely that other predators (Ie: fox or Lynx) will coexist in that same territory that a coyote hunts. A friend of mine does some trapping. He was doing well with fox then suddenly wasn't getting anything, about a week worth of nothing then he gets this big male coyote (~53lbs, I really dunno if that's big or not). I was wondering, if I'm scouting and see a fox or Lynx, can that be used to gauge the number of/lack of Coyotes in a given area.

Secondly...my concern....Bears..... I, personally, have a healthy respect for bears particularly Sows with cubs (go figure huh?)....Have any of you had any experience or problems with bears while calling Coyotes that you would like to share....

11-12-2008, 09:31 AM
Lots of info around on the fox-coyote interaction deal, Steve. Here's an example --
LOTS of related information out there, though I'm not sure that it would be a great help in figuring out local details of where to hunt coyotes.

Generally, you may see foxes tending to live closer to human dwellings/farmsteads, etc, an coyotes more toward the larger unoccupied chunks of habitat. Lots of variation among different parts of the continent though, and some overlap between coyote and fox territories.

On the bear thing, I used to know a guy who called in quite a few black bears with pred call. Not something that I would be much concerned about.... but neither would I want to go wandering around on Kodiak Island tooting on a predator call:OM:

Good luck

11-12-2008, 10:17 AM
The article pointed out is a good one and was even done in my own state of ND. I have shot coyote on fox in the same field and even on the same stand. When a coyote comes near, I typically see fox scatter. I have even used fox sounds for coyote hunting by mixing some fox aggressive sounds and rabbit in distress and this has worked for me in the past. From my viewpoint, nothing worse to a coyote than a fox eating some of his food.

So, do they coexist, yes but I don't think either one wants to compete for food if it doesn't have to.

On the bear question, I can't help you there although mountain lions are starting to worry me a bit as their numbers are on the rise in ND. Good to have a shotgun with you when you can't see very far in heavy cover or at night. Stay safe, good hunting

11-12-2008, 12:38 PM
Thanks for the info Joe...I'll do the proverbial Google search and see what else I can find...

...thankfully I don't have to worry about Grizzlies....I did, however, have a Polar Bear to be afraid of last spring on my first hunt...I wasn't aware he was nearby til after the hunt when a friend of mine asked where I set up and said "yis bye...did you see the polar bear while you were down there???".......no.

Good to have a shotgun with you

EXACTLY my concern, we're only allowed to carry 1 firearm at a time, so it's either the 22-250 or shotgun...I'd really like to be able to take the shotgun as well, I'd be a little less tenative.

11-12-2008, 09:05 PM
....I did, however, have a Polar Bear to be afraid of last spring on my first hunt...

Ooooh! Now that is a different kettle of fish... a bear of a different color, so to speak. I really tend to not be very worrisome about such things......BUT, certain things deserve some serious consideration. Based on what little I know about polar bears, they would seem to about top the list for North America, well ahead of blacks and grizzlies to be sure, and likely even ahead of cow moose with calf. Personally, I would NOT do any predator calling in PB country armed only with 22-250. Probably not even armed with shotgun but alone..... ever see how slick those buggers are at sneaking up on prey??

Kirsch -- Yes, a remarkably large proportion of info known about coyote/fox relationships was generated in ND. Most of it from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in Jamestown. Steve, you might want to check the NPWRC website for access to alot of the pertinent info, depending on how far you want to dig into it.

11-12-2008, 09:20 PM
Yeah I'll check that Joe thanks....

My primary concern would be Black Bears as they're resident animals...the Polar Bears only show up in March when the ice blocks in and the seals whelp..I have personally seen 3 in person and can attest to their awesome speed, agility and cunning..2/3 of my encounters with Polar Bears were in the back country, up close, and absolutely resulted in a negative pressure in my intestines which sucked my shorts into my sphincter...those are two of the two times I've actually been afraid in the woods.....Those are three rather long winded stories, so I'll save them for if ever we meet and have a beer together.....:TT: :VC:

Here's a 600 pounder that was in the area last year...


The Baron of Bufflehead
11-14-2008, 04:47 PM
Oooohh... look at the cute little cuddly bear.....:MS:

My advice is hunt with a buddy and carry a billy club in case a bear attacks. If that happens, whack your pal on the knee with the club and run!:rof:

11-23-2008, 11:15 PM
Whack em with a club!!! That's great!!! Nothing like a little Tonya Harding action to bring you closer to your buddies!!