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02-13-2009, 06:49 AM
Don't MOVE!

Man did I blow it. Dave and I headed out yesterday morning for some coyotes. Got set up, hit play on the JS (thanks for that link Barron, got my new speaker and extension cord) and had dogs answer the "Coyote Locator" instantly. I followed it up a minute later with a "Fox / Rabbit" sequence for about 45 seconds. A very short time later, one comes out...then another on our right.

We were set laying over a sand pile with a road 30 yrds in front of us with Dave to my right(he's left handed). In the past, the dogs would come out and head down this road towards us offering a perfect, open shot. Well, not this morning. They crossed the road and started heading in back of us. Not wanting to shot over or any where near Dave if I was provided with a shot, I moved my hips and right foot... "Snap". Unreal! I think I found the only stick on that pile of sand...

The only thing I can think of why they didn't walk down the road...it was pure ice. Wind was not a factor for them wanting to circle us.

Still an awsome experience. Nothing like wild animals reacting to you instantly! We feel that we didn't really "spook" them too bad so we're going to give it another try in a week or so.
Good luck guys.

hooked on waterfowl
02-13-2009, 07:05 AM
Still sounds like fun, you definately got the right attitude though. I'm sure next time you'll get him.Good Luck!