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02-19-2009, 11:22 AM
I've never gone Yote hunting yet but I know there are a bunch around Morris and I'd like to go. It is my understanding that in MN at night you must use a shotgun.

What is the best ammo to use for Yote's with a shotgun and if you could give me a basic technique for night time hunting for them?

I think you can bait for them and pretty much do anything you want to shoot them, but the MN regulations book doesn't say much about hunting for them. What do you do with the Yote after you shoot it??? I can't imagine the meat is good?

Any info would be appreciated as far as technique for night time hunting. I know a guy that says they come around his place like clockwork at 1030ishPM.

02-19-2009, 12:43 PM
Some like to use Dead Coyote but anything such as BB on up should be fine. Others might be able to give more information as I don't use a shotgun much for coyotes.

MN Regs
I live in ND and do not know the MN regs. I looked really quick and it is very decieving. The DNR site says if you use an artificial light you must use a shotgun. It really doesn't say if you don't use an artificial light if you need to use it or not. I might have missed it but it is not stated very well.

I have never lived in a state the allows artificial light for hunting so I can't give many tips here. However, read this forum (http://www.flocknockers.com/showthread.php?t=65241). The same general rules apply on how to pick a stand, watch the wind, etc.

The main thing about night hunting is your loss of vision. You don't see them until they are very close unless using an artificial light which adds a lot of advantages but also is another device to have to learn to use.

Personally, I would do some day hunting first to make sure you get the basics down because like anything such as night fishing, night hunting is more difficult and you have to be more prepared due to your limited site.

Night hunting can be the most productive way to hunt because a coyote is much more active at night so it can be very effective.

They taste like chicken:OUCH: No, I am totally kidding. I have never heard of someone eating a coyote and I wouldn't recommend it. Once you get a whiff of one, you wouldn't consider eating them either. :nn: Prices are terrible this year but typically there is a market for selling the furs. Since you are new to coyote hunting my guess is you don't want to mess with skinning, stretching, drying, and eventually tanning. So either, leave them lay or find an outlet for them for selling or for someone to process them for you so you can keep them as a keepsake.

Prices were $10 for a very nice winter heavy coyote earlier in ND in the carcass, and my buyer has gone up to $12. The last few coyotes, I am having skinned, stretched, and dried and I will have them sent to a tannery as they were too nice to sell for $12. Either, I will give them as gifts, sell them later, or have something made out of them.

Good Luck.

02-19-2009, 07:27 PM
Thanks for the info! Fargo isn't too far away from me. If you're interested in a waterfowl, pheasant or Yote hunt sometime shoot me a pm and we can exchange info.

Awesome post.