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The Baron of Bufflehead
02-01-2010, 05:14 AM
Anybody having any luck on the coyotes? Roadrunner and I gave it a good try on Saturday, but no luck. A few sets of fresh tacks but it seems calling is absolutely non-productive as of late.

We had a little coyote calling derby on the weekend, and it gives a pretty good idea of the success rates here in Ontario. We had a perfect day (sunny and COLD). There were some newbies in the crowd but there were also some very experienced calls and in total 56 guys hit the field for the day. Only 3 coyotes were shot. There were a couple misses and a couple other sightings, but we figured the group as a whole put in about 250 stands. So the ratio of stands to coyotes shot averaged out at 1 coyote per 80 stands!:eek: It ain't easy, that's for sure!

02-01-2010, 06:18 AM
We have not had any luck, might be from the crunchy snow and the coyotes hearing us walk in. Had a friend call in 2 with his new MA-21 on his first set with it yesterday using a cottontail distress. He missed(choked because it happened before he was ready) they came out of some CRP a minute or 2 after he turned it on. They tried 2 more sets after that and saw nothing. I think we are going to switch to crows for some fun. I changed my MA-21 to some crow sounds and we got mobbed in no time at all. Time to burn up some old pheasant loads, I have a dozen crow decoys and an owl I am going to dig out.

02-01-2010, 11:05 AM
We got 25cm's of snow recently the roads to my buddy's property are just manageable by our 4x4 however the snow in the field is another story. Lots of coyotes running around in the fields but too far to make any shots at. Will be trying again Wed and Thurs.

02-01-2010, 02:23 PM
it was a great derby thanks to dave for putting it on. I was also fortunate enough to call in 2 coyotes that day and harvest one of them, witch ended up with me winning the derby. if i knew how to upload images i would load a pic of it.

hooked on waterfowl
02-01-2010, 03:08 PM
Tough sport for sure.I borrowed a cass creek predator e-caller from a friend, I drove 1 hour and a half to a spot where i got permission and where I've seen coyotes.The snow that was left was hard a crusty.So sneaking in without being heard was probably out of the question. Not to mention I'm new at it, I tried setting myself up in a drainage ditch on the west side of a bush, wind was east so I kept that in mind.The drainage ditch ran straight into the bush, the whole time i'm sitting there I'm thinking what if it does this then I won't see him until it's to late.Maybe I should of just sat back and relaxed and stopped worrying and analazing every senerio. Damn I hate being a greenhorn.I did see some tracks though.

02-01-2010, 07:55 PM
Had no luck as of recently. The last time I went out I broke the firing pin on my 6mm (obviously didn't get that coyote). I had my .270 with me and missed 1 coyote and a bobcat before figuring out my scope was off. I thought I had just pulled the shot on the coyote until I fired twice at the bobcat and watched the shots go wild. Both animals were within 150 yrds. Ended up seeing 5 coyotes and a bobcat that day but that was 2 weeks ago. Haven't been out since then as I can't afford to fix the 6mm and can't afford ammo for the .270. Oh well! Can't wait for tax returns!!!

02-03-2010, 10:32 PM
This is a tough time of year. Coyotes are either in love or protecting the pack so the alpha pair can be in love and mate. It can also be a very fun and productive time as this is the time of year, it seems the entire pack can be called in at times. The territorial instincts of the pack are in overdrive right now. All of you are probably getting sick of me saying, work the howling, but it is very true right now especially. We hunted 4 stands on the full moon on Friday night and then my hunting partner was able to put some stands in on Saturday while I had Dad activities to attend to.

On the night hunt, we killed coyotes on the first 2 stands. Neither coyote came into animal distress as both came in to some type of challenge/territorial howling. Neither coyote made a sound but both came in hard. One came to a coyote fight sound and the other came in to a pair aggressive howling sound. Both coyotes came in very late in the set which either meant they were hanging around and didn't want to commit or were simply a long ways away. As others have mentioned, I believe they came from a long distance because the snow was so crunchy, anything close may have been spooked on our way in.

We ended the night with 2 packs coming hard on our last set and I thought we weren't going to have enough ammo :OUCH: as there were at least 5 coyotes in each pack and they were all coming. Unfortunately, it appeared we were right in between their "turfs" because they kept barking back and forth and at us and we were all at a standstill. I don't think I have ever had that happen to be right between 2 packs and having us all just growl, snarl, and bark at each other. I am still amazed I couldn't pull one in. To top it off, 2 farm dogs were joining in. At 2AM in the morning, the farmer nearby must have loved getting waken up by this noise.

This may sound silly but my buddy wasn't having any luck with the newbies he was hunting the next day so he told them to put the snowshoes away as many of the fancier newer style ones are so dang noisy, and then they started having some luck.

He got 3 hunting on Saturday. He had a pair snuggled up together they saw when they got to the stand and he used a female greeting howl, aggressive female, and then rabbit distress and one came right in to end the day. This was a rare instance I have seen of prey distress working recently but it appeared he got the pair worked up with the first part of the series and apparently they couldn't take it any longer and at last light, coyotes rarely can pass up an easy meal.

Keep at it. It is feast of famine right now. The next stand you put in might bring an entire pack in.

02-04-2010, 09:08 AM
Going to give it a whirl this afternoon. After today I won't be able to get out till Sunday (that thing called work seems to always get in the way of everything! LOL!). The last couple of trips out saw several coyotes either laying in the field relaxing or what appeared to be hunting field mice? They seem to be around but unable to get into a good shooting spot cause of the deep snow. Saw a couple of foxes too, here in Saskatchewan we need a fur license to shoot fox. Spent $30 and haven't even pulled the trigger on one yet but saw lots around this fall/winter. :OUCH:

02-08-2010, 04:31 PM
Shot 6 coyotes so far this year. Called in way too many 2 count. Buddy keeps missing them. Killed 4 of them with a 22 long rifle at 20 paces. loving this season so far.

The Baron of Bufflehead
02-09-2010, 06:33 AM
I got out on Saturday with Road Runner. Called one out on the first stand of the morning but it was pretty far and RR didn't feel comfortable trying a shot. I think it eventually circled and got our wind because we never saw it again. Last stand of the day around 2pm one came out to a couple howls on the hand call. Bugger came from behind us, right through where we had just walked and called 1/2 hour before. Needless to say we weren't expecting that and I only saw him when he was burning rubber on the way out. I took a crack at him on the run but no luck and then he was gone into some long grass. Calling out 2 was a good day, but too bad none came home with us.

02-09-2010, 11:16 AM
Got out last week for a quick morning walk. I had been playing with a
Ruger .17 off the deck for few days and grabbed it and the old JS cassette caller and off I went.
A few days before I missed a chip shot on a yote at 100yds. He caught me off guard and I rushed the shot with my deer gun and he was gone.
I called at 2 spots on a mile and a half loop with no luck. The area was pretty tracked up,heavily wooded, laurel and logged off parcels. Got to the pond,approx. 15 acres, and set-up on the SW end with a NW wind.
4- 5 mins. into calling and out trots this yote hugging the shore on the N-NE shoreline. She's coming steady and I'm waiting for a shot under 200yds. At about 300 she's cutting across but heading south probably trying to wind me. Just past the stump in the pic she slows to a walk and I'm trying to decide when. Things are looking good, a little long but things change fast, so I take the shot.
Bingo,she's spinning round almost like she's chasing her tail,6-7 turns and she's heading for the opposite shore. Never bothered with another shot as she hit the shore,walked across to find her piled up but with a few breaths left. Popped her in the head to speed things up.
Not the greatest shot in the world,but was pretty impressed with the little gun. The first shot took her mid body,more guts than anything else. But that dog wasn't going any farther than where she dropped.
187 with the rangefinder.

The Baron of Bufflehead
02-09-2010, 01:57 PM
Way to go Vinny! By .17 I assume you mean .17 HMR? Those seem to have a lot more killing power than the tiny case would suggest.

02-09-2010, 06:44 PM
Yeah Rob, the .17 HMR. I knew they were hot,but got more than I expected at that range and less than great shot. I had the Hornaday V-Max 17gr. bullet.I Also have some kind of hollow pts I picked up that I gotta try. Just thought it was kinda neat instead of the .223. Had to hold a little high and don't ussually have the set-up and cooperation from the yotes for a real coyote gun but definately can get the job done.