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02-27-2010, 04:40 AM
Thought I repost this since St Pats is coming and you probably have a freezer full of goose breast you dont' know what to do with:
If you like corned beef, youíll love homemade corned game even better. Game meat is leaner, more flavorful, and accepts flavor and cure nicely. This recipe can be used with venison, bear, and I use it with filleted goose breast. If you love Rueben sandwiches, this recipe is a must try.
5 Pounds Game meat
4 Quarts water
1 Cup Morton Tenderquick
1 Cup canning salt
Ĺ Cup Brown Sugar
5 TBLS Pickling spice
1 Ĺ TBLS Cracked Coriander seed
3 TBLS Chopped Garlic ( dried will do)
24 Peppercorn
Ĺ tsp Crushed red pepper
Trim any excess fat or sinew from meat. Because the cure will only penetrate so deep, slice meat to maximum of 1 inch thick. Place water and all ingredients except the meat into a non-reactive stainless steel or enamel pot. Bring to boil, simmer 5 minutes, let cool.
In a non reactive container, place meat and cure. Refrigerate for 5 days, agitate every 12 hours to keep the cure absorbing evenly. Remove the meat from cure and rinse ( trust me it will have plenty spice from the cure). Discard the cure.
In a large pot, cover meat with water and simmer covered for 3-4 hours. For a boiled dinner, add potatoes, cabbage and carrots for the last hour. Drain and serve. For Rueben Sandwiches on rye bread, after cooling slice thin, add kraut, swiss cheese and pan grill with butter or margarine, turning to brown both sides of the bread ,thousand island dressing is optional.
I serve this at my annual wild game dinner and itís always the favorite, with St Pats day coming , who canít resist corned goose and cabbage.
Enjoy, Al