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09-30-2010, 08:09 AM
I try to relay stories on Flocknockers that relay tips about coyote hunting that probably all of you know but serve as reminders for us all. At times, all of us need to be reminded of the basics of calling.

One of the basic rules of coyote hunting is always have your truck hidden well when you go to a stand. I live by this rule, but recently it cost me 2 coyotes, so I guess I didn't take enough care when doing it.

Stand #1, 2 coyotes came in from a long ways away to chase me out of their territory. I finally had to stop them by yelling at them, and laid the biggest coyote down on the first shot. I unfortunately didn't get a 2nd shot off as the 2nd coyote got over a hill too fast and ran towards some cattle so I didn't dare shoot in that direction. I had parked the truck so approaching coyotes shouldn't be able to see it or so I thought. Typically after you kill one out of the pair, the 2nd coyote won't come back but this coyote must not have really knew what happened. I tried the traditional ki-yi's and it barked back at me but wouldn't come back. I hit a male challenge and boom, he popped out of a draw and was coming back full blast. The coyote was coming on a rope and I was sure the 2nd double of the year was mine until he stopped dead in his track changed his eyes towards my truck, and turned and bolted out of there. I still should have had him but his quick departure caught me by surprised and I flat out missed as he wasn't stopping this time. I had the truck hidden from about a 340 degree angle but there was one small area that I didn't feel a coyote would come from but due to the 2nd coyote taking off after the 1st shot, it left and came back in a very unnatural approach, so I blew it.

I had learned my lesson, right? :nn: On the next stand, I made sure to park my truck way down in a low spot with hills all around me in all directions. A coyote can't see my truck now. I walked a good distance to the next spot. After awhile, I saw a coyote's ears peeking over a hill. I switched to a mouse squeek as it didn't seem to want to come any closer and bingo, it worked as the coyote immediately started to try to wind the call and work around it. As the electronic was placed so a coyote wouldn't wind me, I was smiling and confident. I was about to make up for my last mistake and this coyote was coming right to the call up a draw, and I didn't see anyway this coyote wasn't going to be harvested. All of a sudden, the coyote took a quick look away from the call and turned and bolted. I was stunned to say the least. It couldn't have winded me so I was very confused. I went back to where the coyote bolted and was shocked at what I saw. Remember I parked my truck in a low spot with hills all the way around. Well, there happened to be a draw leading to that low spot and from the exact spot this coyote stood, I could see the top of my truck shining like a beacon. I was so mad at myself. 2 coyotes that responded as they should and just by the shear luck they caught the only possible glimpse of my truck possible, they both lived to see another day.

Bottom line, always make sure your truck is hidden as well as possible. The good news is the coyote I did harvest was the oldest coyote I know of that I have ever harvested. His canines were almost gone as they were worn down so far and most of his teeth were worn so bad they were barely visible. This was a very old coyote that had lived a very full life. It made #6 for the year but it should have been #7 and #8 as well.

09-30-2010, 05:47 PM
Good tip to remember! Thanks Kirsch!

09-30-2010, 08:46 PM
Thanks Korey, I always look forward to your posts...:TT:

10-16-2010, 10:35 PM
Thanks Korey, I always look forward to your posts...:TT:

I always look forward to your posts Rich!!! :rof: Thanks for the tips Kirsch I don't have that problem with coyotes seeing my truck since I don't own a truck!!!! :rof: :rf: