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03-28-2011, 12:11 AM
This has been one of the most interesting winters. I am from Fargo, ND and we have had the 2nd most snowfall on record for our area. Add miserable temps and tons of wind and this sums up my winter. For those who frequent this board have probably heard me talk that I hunt coyotes pretty much from September through March hard and then a little bit sometimes in May and June if ranchers call me with issues. So I do hunt coyotes during non-Winter months but I prefer to hunt them when they are prime.

A summary of this winter had some new wrinkles. Although my number of total coyotes is nowhere near most years, my # of doubles is through the roof. I have had a few chances at shooting triples but it didn't come together until recently. I really can't put my finger on why I have shot more doubles this year as I am still shooting a bolt. I am more deligent than ever to continue calling after harvesting the first coyotes. I haven't tallied the totals but it must be close to half the stands where I took one that I ended up with 2.

I say all of this to relay my story of sticking to it. I got a chance to get out Saturday morning. The forecast was terrible but it sounded like I could maybe get a few stands in before the wind got 20mph+ and the snow would start blowing around. First stand I was in the right area, but wrong spot. After going through my first sequence of sounds, a pack of coyotes lit up behind me and by their response, I knew they were coming. The truck was between me and them, so I picked up and tried to make it to the hill ridge behind me before the coyotes saw me or the truck, and they saw me and all took off. I didn't want to educate the group too much so I decided to try to get them another day.

My hopes on the 2nd stand were high as there was coyote sign everywhere. Just as I got to the calling spot, I saw 5 coyotes take off from the area I wanted to call into. Man, there were coyotes everywhere. I quickly laid down and challenged them and followed it with the kiyi's in case some hadn't seen me and one coyote turned and came directly at me. I wished I had a shotgun because I couldn't put the call out as I normally do and the coyote tried to wind me. At one point, it was under 30 yards away and I couldn't shoot as I didn't have a clear shot with a rifle through some brush. It made me sick as the coyote eventually winded me and got out of there without a shot. 2 stands completed, I had already seen tons of coyotes and educated one. I felt pretty dejected. It happens to all of us at one point or another. I called a hunting friend to give him the report and tell him how I was feeling like a "Rookie" and he said, Korey, you will smack them on the next stand. Well, he was right.

If only all days had action of every stand as this day had. The wind was starting to pick up so I knew this was the last stand. On my way in, I kept glassing to make sure I didn't spook any animals, and I saw some ears over a hill at about 600 yards. I laid down and was glad to see a coyote was mousing over the hill but hadn't seen me yet. I waited until the coyote was out of sight, and I got the call out from me so any approaching coyote wouldn't wind me. The coyote was pretty close and already mousing so I put on the mouse squeek. The coyote lifted his head and looked towards the call and proceeded to catch a mouse with me watching. After about 2 minutes, I decided to lift my eyes from the scope and take a look around. Amazing there was a 2nd coyote about 150 yards away from me looking directly at the call. I waited for it to look away, shifted my position, and waited for it to turn broadside. It wasn't overly interested and started to slowly walk away, so I stopped it with a quick "yeah" and drilled it. The day was looking better.

I looked up and the other coyote was still out at about 600 yards and looking in my direction but it wasn't too alarmed, so I put the mouse back on. He was still mousing around and still didn't seem to want to come my way. I tried some soft other distress sounds and this coyote was totally intent on staying where it was at. Well, after awhile I decided to try to get it mad since nothing else was working. I did a howling sequence and the coyote just sat there but I saw the coyote look back a few times and I knew something else was coming. I did another howling sequence and one of the alpha coyotes in the area appeared as the smaller coyote went right into a submissive position. After they greeted each other, I decided it was time to make an aggressive move. I used a coyote fight sound and bingo the alpha coyote released right at me and the young coyote followed along. They were coming perfect so I stopped calling and the wind was perfect and I stopped them at about 125 yards because they were about to get behind a hill. I shot the alpha coyote first and the younger one had no idea where the shot came from and ran out to about 325 and I stopped it with a bark. I rushed the next shot a bit and missed but did connect on the 2nd shot. I had my triple laying down and the words of my hunting buddy rang in my ears how I would smack them on the next stand. Sorry for the long story, but this is meant to provide a bit of encouragement that even though things don't always go right, it does come together once in awhile. I don't know when I will ever see this many coyotes again on 3 consecutive stands but it was a lot of fun. We still have lots of snow and spring doesn't seem like it is ready but go hunting whenever you can.

04-15-2011, 08:16 PM
Thanks for posting up Kirsch, I always enjoy your posts! :TT:

The Baron of Bufflehead
06-01-2011, 04:12 AM
Pretty neat to see a coyote catch a mouse right in front of you.

Oh, and shooting a triple is pretty darn sweet too! Nice work.:TT:

How is your spring shaping up now, Korey? We have been drowning in rain and everything is a soggy mess.

06-30-2011, 10:15 PM
My Spring was really rough just as the winter was. ND is constantly flooding right now. It started with Fargo, and now Bismarck is flooding, and Minot and Devils Lake is in a constant flood battle. All record floods like never before in history for this area. It is really bad. We suffer from too much water and Texas is melting in the heat and no rain.

Many county and rural roads are under water. My Mother lives in a rural area of ND, and she has to go almost 30 miles in a totally different direction to be able to get out of her farm as all the other roads and trails are under water. It is this way across much of ND. We have had an extremely wet and cold Spring and early Summer. I did get out a few times this spring calling coyotes and had success when I did. Between the roads being flooded, and the amount of ticks out, I decided to hang it up until Fall. The last time I went out, I wasn't even out that long and ended up finding a total of 10 ticks. I did get 2 coyotes on 3 stands total, but when you get more ticks than coyotes, that isn't a good day. :tn:

07-01-2011, 06:02 AM
Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hopefully things will get better. I really hate those ticks. It really takes some of the fun out of spring turkey hunting.