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08-27-2011, 06:39 PM
ND has an early season for geese, so last weekend I had a good shoot on geese and since I was done early, I decided to try some coyote hunting. I was a bit rusty as I had 2 hard chargers and had a terrible time getting them to stop on 2 different stands. I did get one, but should have had two. This got me pretty excited, so when I didn't have any plans for Saturday, I decided to give it a whirl.

On the 2nd stand of the morning, a coyote had come to the call and was sitting at 300 yards sitting on a hilltop. As I tried to coax it in, I noticed a flash of color go past the coyote, so I was thinking a 2nd coyote was on the way. The first coyote never moved and the 2nd coyote didn't show. After a few minutes, I decided to try and make them mad, and the 2nd coyote popped out of the brush at about 60 yards and gave me a perfect broadside shot. After I dropped the close coyote, the other coyote exited quickly and didn't offer a shot.

A few stands later, I was about ready to wrap it up as I was nearing the end of the public land area I was hunting when I noticed a corn field with a small opening. This area apparently had been drowned out in the spring and the ground had recently been cultivated. It was pure black with zero cover, not even a blade of grass to hide by. There was nothing to hide my silhoutte and no way to lay prone as the terrian wouldn't allow it. I have done it before, so I thought why not give it a try. I liked the idea that I was surrounded on 3 sides by corn. Sure as the world, the call hadn't been on for more than 10 seconds and 3 coyotes came busting out of the corn and directly at the call. The middle coyote stopped at about 100 yards, and I laid it over, but the other 2 never offered me a shot. I didn't quit calling and switched to fighting sounds, and kiyis, and sure enough another coyote began coming in. Eventually, it worked to within 150 yards and I laid that one down as well. It just goes to show movement is the key as I stayed rock still and made sure the coyotes were looking at the call when I shifted to shoot, and the coyotes had no clue what hit them.

This was a great start to 2011 with 3 adult coyotes ( 2 males and 1 female) on my first full morning of coyote hunting, and I can't wait until next time. Get ready because hunting season is here. :)

09-02-2011, 07:57 PM
Sounds like a heck of a start Korey...:TT:

09-07-2011, 12:40 PM
Thanks Cutum,

I got out this weekend and once again took advantage of our liberal early goose season and shot my limit of 8 honkers and switched over to coyotes and shot 4 more coyotes. This brings my coyote total to 10 so far and the coyote year just started. If we have a late winter and not so much snow, it could be a great year.

09-11-2011, 09:32 PM
Great story Korey hope you have a fantastic season ahead!!! :TT:

The Baron of Bufflehead
10-22-2011, 06:25 AM
Nice going Korey.:)

I started my season off this past week, and got out Wednesday morning. First stand was a blank, then I snuck further into the property with the increasing west wind in my face. Got the FoxPro and the Mojo Puppy setup on an old raised tractor path that cuts through some marshy area with a pond to the east. I figured any coyotes coming to the call would either come right across the path or swing to the downwind side of the pond so I setup so that I could see both routes. After about 25 minutes I figured it was a bust so I took a photo of my stand down my gun barrel for the record. When I was folding up my shooting sticks the bungee cord pulled out of one leg so I dug out some electrical tape to fix it in place. I had just put the tape away when I spotted movement and saw two very light colored coyotes on the far side of the pond, back in the brush. I started woodpecker distress back on the caller and here they come. One hung back in the brush and the other started out over the road but stopped and headed back at about 100 yards. When he paused for a last look the .222 magnum put a 45gr. Wildcat hollow point through his lungs. He did 2 spins and a 50 yard dash over the hill. When I first walked over I saw no dog and no obvious blood and was just starting to get worried when I looked on the other side of a bush and there he was. He's a 29 pound male, so just a pup by Ontario standards he's my #1 for the year so no complaints here.

The lesson reinforced for me on this hunt is to stay longer on my stands. These two customers showed up after I had been on stand probably 40 minutes and at least 10 minutes after I had stopped calling, likely traveling back to this cover area for the day after a night of hunting in the fields and farm yards to the north and west. I must keep working hard to overcome my "coyote stand ADD", brought on by all the calling videos that edit hunts down to 3 minute success stories.:rolleyes:

Recap of the setup:

He (and his partner) are very light coloured for around here:

10-22-2011, 08:05 PM
Well done T-Bob, love the set up pic.:TT: Makes me want to finish up that 22-250 that I've been putting off the last two years or so. I have the gun, bi-pod, optics and rings, just have to pick up a different scope base.:hest: I need to get my lazy a$$ in gear...:CL:

Korey, how are things going so far???

11-15-2011, 09:24 AM
Korey, how are things going so far???

Rich, sorry, got busy with work. I had a very good fall but just didn't get out enough. Sept - October were very good virtually every time out. Was out one evening just before dark with my videography partner. I filmed 2 stands where we called in 4 on both stands and shot 3 on each. It was pretty wild. Twice we were doing our interviews and a coyote ran into frame as he was talking. This just confirms what Baron was saying and that is there are times we leave too quickly.

Anyway, I have knocked down 20 coyotes so far this year. 18 adults and 2 young coyotes. Since deer season started in ND, action has slowed. I did harverst my whitetail buck early this last weekend so put in a few stands and had some action, but didn't get any coyotes as so much traffic and people walking, caused some issues to my incoming coyotes. Things will settle down hopefully both from a work standpoint and from deer hunting, pressuring coyotes in a few weeks and I will get after it again around Thanksgiving. Keep up the reports. Remember to try things out of the ordinary. Of the 20 coyotes I have harvested, not one has been taken with a prey in distress sound. This doesn't mean they couldn't have been called in with one but all were called in using various vocalization.

Baron, nice job on the coyote. Your setup looks good